Virtual Offices


Are you starting a new business on a small budget or perhaps running a home-based business? If you need the image boost of a corporate mailing address without the expense, then our virtual office at Cambria Center is ideal for you.

When starting a business, the old saying that “you have to look the part before you get the part” applies. Potential customers or clients want to know they’re dealing with a professional in their field, but you’re not in a position to spend too much on overhead yet.

If you hope to be a big business someday but you’re not there yet, our virtual office solution is the answer you’ve been looking for.


If you run a type of business where you go out to customers instead of them coming to you or you ship goods to your customers, then you may have no need for a physical office presence. With a virtual office from Cambria Center, you get a corporate mailbox from us. We can also do mail forwarding for you if you’re on the road a lot and accept packages for you.

Your business gets a big boost in its image as well as privacy and confidentiality since only you can access your mailbox.

As an added bonus, a virtual office from Cambria Center comes with two free hours of meeting room time every month. If you find you occasionally need to meet with clients but not often enough for a permanent office presence, this added bonus may give you the only physical space you need.

Look Bigger Than You Are

The pictures to the right show you how potential clients will think of you and your company when they are considering doing business with you.

Beyond having a mailbox, you can use our corporate address on your business cards, mailings and website. This will instantly bring you more credibility than a P.O. Box or a home address.

Virtual Office Solution From Cambria Center

We help you succeed when you’re small or just starting out.

Please contact us today, so our business can help yours grow!