Furnished Offices

The leasing of office space for your business is the cornerstone of what we offer here at Cambria Center to help you succeed.

The Services and Amenities You Need

Our staff at Cambria Center has the experience and knowledge that it takes to match your needs to the office space that will satisfy them. These offices come with the following services and amenities:

  • The latest equipment.
  • Advanced telephone systems.
  • Support staff to help your business succeed.
  • Hi-speed internet connectivity.

These amenities set us apart from competitors who might only lease space and then leave you to figure out the rest.


Your office space needs are unique to you. For this reason, we work to ensure that our office leasing has the options necessary to accommodate businesses of just about any size.

We offer the latest in executive suites, and we can customize office spaces that range from 100 square feet up to 25,000 square feet. So, if you’re a one-man operation or a fairly large business, we’ve got you covered.


Just as the amount of space required will differ from company to company, so will the amount of time it’s needed for. This will typically be driven by the reason you need the office space.

Whether you require extra office space for your busy season for a few months or an office for a day, we have a workable solution for you. Our flexible lease terms and affordable pricing give your business the space it needs for the time it needs it.


Glancing at the pictures to the right will give you an idea of the professional office environment your employees, clients or customers will be entering when they meet with you. The spaces are modern and equipped with the chairs, desks and other furnishings and accessories any business needs.

Our staff also set us apart from any who might consider themselves our competition. We provide you with personnel such as a receptionist and a personal assistant because we realize you have only one chance to make a good first impression.

Our office spaces and people will impress you and anyone who does business with you.

Please contact us today, so our business can help yours grow!